Here at Black Fire Brazilian Steakhouse we are thankful for our customers, which is why Thanksgiving Day is so important to us! Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a holiday for home-cooking and hosting friends and family. But as lovely as that sounds, we all know how stressful this can be. Luckily, there’s  an alternative! Here are a few reasons why we encourage you to take a break from the rushed holiday preparations and try something new this year at Black Fire.

If you’ve ever hosted your family’s Thanksgiving feast, you know that cooking is only a small portion of the work. First there’s shopping needed to be done beforehand. The grocery store is a dangerous place to be a few days before Thanksgiving. Afterwards, there’s the thorough cleaning. This isn’t always so bad if you have a few people to help you out, but the mess left after a Turkey Day feast has been underestimated by many. Eating out eliminates these worries, and Thanksgiving can actually be about family time, the true purpose of holiday. You may be a guest this Thanksgiving and think that none of this applies to you, but let’s not forget that guests are often expected to bring a dish of their own to contribute to the feast. Plus, you owe it to mom to give her a break this year!

Another reason to leave the house this year is a factor that we often overlook. I’m talking about space. For those of us with large families, it’s not uncommon to worry about where everyone will eat. Black Fire specializes in catering to large parties, so space will not be an issue here! If you’re having a more intimate Thanksgiving this year we can accommodate to that as well. Besides, if it’s just you and your significant other, why go through all the trouble to prepare a table-full of Thanksgiving dishes when you can have them hot and ready for you here?

Your home away from home. If you choose Thanksgiving week to take your family on vacation to Orlando, we are here for you! We’ll be open from 3 pm to 10 pm serving not only our delicious 14 types of premium meats, fresh items at our buffet gourmet, but also some special menu items perfect for the occasion. Remember that we also have a full bar, private and semi-private event spaces and an area 100% dedicated to children.

At Black Fire, we value tradition. Which is why we understand people’s hesitation to eat away from home on this holiday. Still, we encourage you to give Black Fire a try this year! We know it’ll be a special Thanksgiving you’ll remember for years to come, or perhaps a beginning to an annual tradition!  

To join the feast this year, reserve a table here or call us at 407.477.7771. We look forward to having you!