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Plan your next event at Black Fire, with our team and turn a special day into an unforgettable moment. Birthdays, weddings and business meetings are just some of the reasons that will honor us on preparing your event for you and your guests.
You will have 2 private rooms and a balcony beautifully decorated and acclimatized to 130 seats. Contact us to get more information.
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Chief Finance Officer


• Direct preparation of regular and special budget reports;
• Analyze monthly budgeting and accounting reports to maintain expenditure controls;
• Provide advice and technical assistance with cost analysis, fiscal allocation, and budget preparation;
• Examine budget estimates for completeness, accuracy, and conformance with procedures and regulations;
• Summarize budgets and submit recommendations for the approval or disapproval of funds requests;
• Review operating budgets to analyze trends affecting budget needs;
• Consult with managers to ensure that budget adjustments are made in accordance with restaurant operation needs;
• Compile and analyze accounting records and other data to determine financial resources and food/labor expenses;
• Perform cost-benefit analyses to compare restaurant operations, review financial performance, or explore alternative financing methods;
• Review restaurant performance and consult with managers to more efficiently control food costs and allocate employee resources.


• A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, controllership, or related area.
• Minimum of six years experience in finance, controller, or similar position in a food service business.
• Must be familiar with Excel, Word, and computers.